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Well, this is my first entry in english, i'm doing this for two reasons, first of them, because i'm trying to recover my english level, i'm going to visit a lot of places where english is the easy way for being understood, the second one is that i know a few foreign people that would like to know something new about me. Well, let's do the talk:


I've started the "Quality control european expert" course and it's going to be very hard, because it's a long time since the last day i touched a book and because this book is bigger than the one i could have imagined, football and reading, will be two of my sacrificed hobbies(i'll still do them, but not so often), let's see how this year goes on, it would be hard, but it can be a real change for my life(specially the financial part, hehe)


I'm meeting a lot of new people lately, i've found a web where you can gather members to do a plan, there are a lot of different activities, i'm really interested in those which involve sport, but it's possible that i join others. Some things are hard to do whith unknown people, like travel or going out at night, is almost sure that i'll try to know them before doing those activities. The first plan i did was a mixed football match and it was a complete sucess, next weekend i'll go to the Prado museum, and maybe i'll learn to climb and i'll will hear a poetry recital, i hesitate to see how it'll work out, at least new people will be waiting for me, hehe


Good night, rest well and take care

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